Monday, November 1, 2010

Y:The Next TV Show?

With the successful premier of AMC's "The Walking Dead" last night, I think that it is safe to say that we'll be hearing news of more series being developed into live action shows in the near future. Marvel and DC Comics have both briefly discussed plans to develop television programs. There has also been talk of "Chew" hitting the small screen. So the question lies, which series could be the next epic hit? For me, the answer is quite simple, "Y: The Last Man"  

For those of you not in the know, "Y: The Last Man" is a tale of Yorik Brown living in a world where every male mammal (with the exception of his monkey Ampersand) spontaneously and mysteriously died at the same time. During his adventures, Yorick learns what takes to really become a "man" in a world full of women.The story heavily focuses on gender issues, sexuality, and science/technology disrupting the "natural order".

Brian K. Vaughan's post apocalyptic masterpiece has been in Hollywood's developmental purgatory for years. It's time to let go and let someone else actually do something with the property. Honestly, Hollywood has never been the right place for the series. Y would suffer the same problem as "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World". While Scott Pilgrim was a great movie, it was essentially a cliff notes version. Due to the sheer amount of content of the series and time restraints for a film, many of the ancillary characters were not fully realized on screen. Television would allow Y to flourish as a weekly, hour long, drama. Vaughan wrote issues that were stand alone stories but also served the overall story, which would be perfect for television. A series that is filled unique locales and characters, action, sci-fi, comedy, and drama?! Yes please!

So there you have it gang! How do you think "Y: The Last Man" would hold up on TV? What comic book series would you like to see television?

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