Friday, June 25, 2010

An Epic Gentleman Keeps a Busy Schedule

Some people "don't want to work, (they) just want to bang on the drum all day" others are just "working for the weekend". Either way an EG works hard and parties hard, we just do it with style. We don't scoff at enjoying an adult beverage we just do not treat Baltimore like our personal frat house. Even before the EGS was formed we would pride ourselves in finding enjoyable events throughout this beautiful city that we call home. Now that we are in the long days of summer there is no end to the fun and inexpensive fun to be had.

I will start with my personal favorite summer event ARTSCAPE! This particular festival totes itself as being "America's Largest Free Arts Festival". It will run from Friday July 16- Sunday July 18. For an Artscape virgin the size of the festival alone can be daunting. This is the type of festival that you should actually attend all days so you can feel like you almost did everything. Be sure to to pick up The City Paper on Wednesday and check out the schedule and map before even leaving the house. This year the band that I'm looking forward to seeing the most is Cold War Kids. They will be taking the main stage at 6:30pm on Saturday evening. My hint is to GET THERE EARLY!! Cake was a madhouse at last years festival.

That same weekend I will have to split my time between the above mentioned Artscape and the 36th Annual Pow-Wow. This is poor planning in my opinion. This is a festival that deserves more attention and attendance. Scheduling it the same weekend as one of the largest festivals in the country isn't that smart. Either way I will be penciling in some time to get there. I personally recommend getting there around 11:00am and getting a good spot for the Grand Entry at 12pm. If you've never seen a Grand Entry it is truly unique.

There is another reason that I adore Summer and that is for the outdoor movies. Thankfully there are multiple neighborhoods in Baltimore that play host to this event. If you plan carefully you could spend the majority of your week watching an outdoor film. My two cents here would be investing in a tarp and a picnic basket. Grab a few blankets, pack a few sandwiches, brownies, and a bottle of wine and you will have a delightful evening for a very affordable price. Be sure to remember the wet naps and a bottle opener! has done a fabulous job of compiling the complete schedule of the outdoor films so I will direct you there.

Hope I see you around! Don't be shy, just say hi!
The Divine Miss J

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  1. Artscape is easily one of my favorite events in baltimore. My fiance is from the west coast and has never been so I am making him go this year. Just be careful in the heat there, and stay hydrated!!