Friday, October 29, 2010

Video Game Creepypasta for Halloween Pt. 1: Super Mario 64

The intarwebz defines Creepypasta as creepy stories that are often copied and pasted throughout the web.  Creepypasta is the internet generation's take on the classic campfire ghost story.  There's a few creepypasta tales that have received some considerable attention (and hence more copy-pasting) over the years.

Recently, I've stumbled upon a few creepypastas about video games.  Video game creepypasta often involves a mysterious game cartridge that either winds up being haunted/possessed or containing a twisted version of the original game.  These stories are considered old by most internet circles, but since it's Halloween and they're relatively new to me I figured, why not?

It's a me! In a your nightmares!
First up, we have a creepypasta about a possessed Super Mario 64 cartridge.

Without spoiling too much, the story is about a college kid who orders a Super Mario 64 cartridge via a suspicious website pop-up ad.  Upon playing the game, the protagonist has Mario traversing a horrific world that's more Amityville Horror than Mushroom Kingdom.  The whole thing gets a little over-the-top at the end, but it's still interesting and engaging.

Click here to read the story.  Check back later for another serving of video game creepypasta.

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