Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Walking Dead Mini-Documentary

Initially I had mix feeling when "The Walking Dead" television show would air on AMC. This is no way a slight to AMC. "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad" are both excellent shows. While Robert Kirkman's series is a great story examining humanity, it's still story set in the zombie apocalypse. I was nervous as to the type of influence/pressure the network would have on the show. My fears have been laid to rest after watching this mini-documentary. The network has been doing a wonderful job promoting the show. I was very excited to see that the program was respectful towards the source material but was not a slave to Kirkman's work. The show premiers 10/9c on Halloween. Get stoked!


  1. I watched the first half but had to go to bed cause work today. Looking forward to watching the second DVR'd half!

  2. It was great! It was VERY faithful but not a slave to the comic.