Friday, August 20, 2010

Diggin' Through the Crates: Lie to Me

Try and tell me that this cover isn't rad
Today, we are going to look at one of my favorite songs from Heiruspecs', 2005 album, "A Tiger Dancing". I remember the day that I bought this album. I was at Best Buy in White Marsh (believe it or not but they used to carry some amazing indie hip hop). The cover art immediately pulled me in and after seeing that the album was on sale, I went straight to the register.

As I was walking to my car, I was franticly peeling off the plastic so I could listen to the album ASAP! I didn't have anywhere that I needed to be, so I was aimlessly driving around, enjoying my new purchase. I was thinking about how fun and mellow this album had been and then "Lie to Me" came on.

The song simple starts with piano and guitar.
Then Muad’dib delievered some of the most emotional lyrics I've ever heard. In a genre of music that is filled machismo and bravodo, it's not common to hear an MC being brutally hones about his emotions. Muad’dib spits at a break neck pace and as lyrics comes to its conclusion, the song builds to point that it seems to explode. The drums finally kick in and are accompanied by a string section that beautifully compliments the sentiment of the lyrics. Then the track is slowly stripped away of its layers and fades the same way it began, just a piano and guitar. This ladies and gentlemen is how you end an album!


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