Thursday, August 5, 2010

PODCAST: Rock Action

For this weeks podcast, I'm switching it up a little, and keeping it short and sweet. This week I am recommending Mogwai's Rock Action podcast. Hosted by Gareth Main and Anthony Chalmers, this podcast revolves mostly around covering the latest indie songs, as well as some unsigned and unfinished/work in progress material. But what I love about this particular podcast is that the songs that are chosen for each week are so incredibly diverse. You never feel like you hear a song that sounds remotely like the previous one. A lot of genres are represented in each session as well. The hosts will talk a little in between songs, reflecting on the past song, giving some facts, and setting up the next one, and thats about it. This is a great way to find some good, up and coming artists and music. With the selections being so diverse, you might need to weed through few songs that you might not like. But I can promise no matter what kind of music you listen to, you're guaranteed to find something that fits your fancy in each hour. By all means give this one a listen.

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