Thursday, August 12, 2010

PODCAST: IGN Three Red Lights

For this weeks podcast, I am going back to IGN and video games. I give you IGN's Three Red Lights. This is where I would usually give a synopsis of what usually goes on in any given session, but this particular podcast never really sticks to one thing. Ever. And that is kind of the charm here. Obviously with it being an IGN podcast, video games get talked about. However, the crew here goes on so many tangents that it really just feels like a group of people sitting around a mic and just chilling out and having a good time talking about whatever makes them laugh. And you will find yourself laughing right along with them.

So many podcasts try really hard to have personality, be funny, feel a lot like a radio talk show. That kind of approach always comes across as really forced to me (I loathe talk radio, especially morning radio shows). Here, its about as laid back as it gets, and its just fun for fun sake which I can respect. So load up that iTunes, start downloading Three Red Lights, and prepare for some lulz.

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