Thursday, August 19, 2010

Help Make Puppy Cow A Reality

Halp! Puppy Cow Needs Us!

Jamie Noguchi, one of Super Art Fight's veteran artists/illustrators, is trying to raise money to make his most famous creation a plush toy for everyone to enjoy. Noguchi is hoping this will be the first in a line of toys he would like to create. The Puppy Cow Plush will be seven inches tall, and feature utters made out of a fake leather material.

We here at The Epic Gentleman's Society can never say enough good things about the folks over at Super Art Fight. So if you have a few bones to spare, please donate to help make a dream a reality. There are all different kinds of puppy cow art and collectibles you can receive from Jamie himself for being all kinds of generous and nice.

Click here to go to the Kickstart page, which features a wonderful video promoting the project. You can also stay connected with Puppy Cow on Facebook.


  1. Oh puppy cow, you are the most adorable abomination known to man!

  2. Just pledged 50 so I can get a puppy cow wearing a monocle and top hat skectch for the office!

  3. Nice! I was considering doing a similar thing, but with a ninja puppy cow. Or maybe like the 3 puppy cows howling at the moon... All your base are belong to puppy cow... Man I need to think this over and decide lol.