Tuesday, August 10, 2010

La Blogotheque

It's hard to believe that you would check out a blog besides our own, but if you are I hope that it's La Blogotheque. La Blogotheque is the ultimate music blog. Is it because of their awesome music reviews? Nope. Do they provide the interwebs with music news faster than everyone else? Guess again. It's because of their feature "A Take Away Show"!

"A Take Away Show" places musicians in intimate, and on several occasions, awkward settings to perform. The venues have ranged from the streets of Paris to a bathroom stall. Since many of the performances take place while walking or in such crampped spaces, the artists are forced to use only a portion of their equipment. The result is a slightly different but always enjoyable performance.

The videos are shot in such a beautiful way. I wish that a DVD was realeased, collecting these magical performances. I guess, I'll have to settle for the links to download the videos. Do yourself a favor and check this blog out!

#87.2 - YEASAYER - 2080

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#95.5 Man Man - A day at the races and A night at the opera
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