Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Two words: Bass Sandwiches. This is definitely a step in a different direction for artists to feature here on EGS, but one that shouldn't be over looked. Bringing us music all the way from England, this is Christopher Mercer, better known as Rusko. Trust me, if you like to dance, you are going to love this artist. Rusko is a dubstep DJ, creating some of the most fun and creative songs and remixes I have heard in a long time. For those of you new to dubstep, its a style of electronic dance music combining trance/techno/drum and bass/trip hop/you get the idea with lots (see LOTS) of bass. He is also one of the most animated and energetic DJs I have ever seen. Rusko's album "O.M.G.!" hit stores on May 4th of this year, and it is a gem. If you are a fan of So You Think You Can Dance, then you had the pleasure of hearing his remix to Kid Sister's "Pro Nails" during the Stepping routine with Twitch and Kent.

Check out one of Rusko's most popular songs below in "Woo Boost." Warning before you watch: This is probably one of the most trippy music videos you will ever watch, but the song is awesome. Right now, his "O.M.G.!" album is currently on Amazon for $5, so give it a shot! After the jump you can find his video for "Hold On" featuring Amber Coffman as well as the Stepping routine from SYTYCD.


  1. Being that I was totally a drumb n bass kid in highschool this makes me happy!

  2. I discovered Rusko a while ago, but just got his album recently and its soo good. I can't stop listening to it. I wish we would have stayed for more of his set when he performed with Sleigh Bells. The guy puts on a great show.