Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I don't even know where to begin with this band. So I will start with what sparked the initial reason behind this post. On September 25th, Baltimore will be graced with presence of Envy, and I am just as excited about this show as I am for Explosions In The Sky. Coming to us all the way from Tokyo, Japan, Envy will tour the US this fall for the third time. Baltimore is lucky enough to have this band playing the Ottobar, which will give any fan the best show they could imagine, and be closer than ever.

For those who don't know, Envy is one of the pioneer screamo/hardcore bands from Japan. However, since beginning their journey in 1992, their sound has evolved so much. While elements of screamo and hardcore are still present, the band has incorporated a lot of post rock and ambient sounds. Add in pure emotion to each song and you have the equation for an amazing band that anyone could find inspiration in.

With this US tour also comes the 5th album release for Envy. The US will be able to listen to all 12 tracks on October 12th this year. So expect a few songs to be played off of this new album at the show, as well as many older favorites. 

Unfortunately, the day they will be touring through Baltimore is the same day as Virgin Fest. I have a feeling this will hurt the attendance for the Envy show. However, this is not a band to be missed. If you are torn between the two shows, I have to say please go see Envy (and get tickets early in case they do sell out!). Everyone playing Virgin Fest will be back eventually. Not often do we get to see a little part of Japan in our hometown, and have that little part be one of the best bands coming out of Japan. This is promising to be an amazing show. 

Check out Envy performing "Chains Wandering Deeply" live below, as well as some of their tunes on Myspace.

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