Friday, August 6, 2010

Holy Amazon(.com), Batman!

This is definitely an event to be noted. How many people take advantage or Amazon's $5 MP3 Downloads every month? I know I do. For everyone not in the know, every month has a new set of 100 MP3 Albums to download for only $5. Well this August is a little different, and it also means happy early birthday to me! For this month only, Amazon doesn't just have 100 MP3 albums for $5, they have OVER 1000 downloadable albums [insert over 9000 joke here], waiting for you to click the purchase button. And it gets better. Its not just a list of tons of tunes no one downloads. There is some legit music in this months list. Some examples on the list are Grizzly Bear's Veckatimest, Ray Lamontagne's Trouble, Daft Punk's Musique Vol 1, A Fine Frenzy's One Cell In The Sea, The Bird and The Bee's self titled album, and even Ace of Base's Greatist Hits! All genres have something to offer this month. This is definitely an event to check out and grab some of your favorite artist's music for super cheap. Get those credit cards ready, head on over to, and start downloading!

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