Friday, September 10, 2010

BCC2010: Bargin Bin Challenge, Flaming Carrot

I think it would be safe to say that Flaming Carrot is an American hero. The guy knows how to entertain, and always has you muttering "w...t...f...???"

Continuing with our Bargain Bin challenge we have Flaming Carrot. When we first came up with the challenge concept at Comic-Con, we looked down and there is was, like a ray or sunshine through the stormy bargin bin clouds. We seriously didn't move one comic. And so it was purchased for 33 cents.

Flaming Carrot has to be the most random and eclectic comic I have ever read. I dont think there was ever more than 3 panels that were ever related to one another (besides the main plot, which in my comic was Flaming Carrot on a mission to find his lost bar of soap... mmhmm). Locations are always changing. Characters are going in and out of the story. Even the art style changes to real life pictures at the end of the comic (which was pretty hilarious I might add). To put it bluntly, this comic had a little case of A.D.D., and that was really part of the fun.You never (ever) know what kind of shenanigans will come up next, or who will show up next, or which ghosts will get sucked up in a vacuum, you know -- the normal stuff . It actually goes far enough to make me want to find more Flamming Carrot comics for the same reason. Flaming Carrot is definitely a strangely entertaining comic. Consider the Bargin Bin Challenge a success for me.