Tuesday, September 7, 2010

BCC2010: Hexed

This week we are going to start bringing you our Comic-Con round ups, thoughts, reviews, interviews, etc etc. Kicking things off, here is my review of one of the books I picked up titled Hexed.

Comic Info:
Hexed / Boom! Studios
Written By Michael Alan Nelson
Art By Emma Rios
Colors By Chris Peter

The Boom Studios booth was the first major booths anyone came to on the right hand side of the convention floor, so you really couldn't miss it. Browsing through their comics, the main thing that caught my attention was the art of Hexed and how vibrant it was. Then I started noticing what was on some of the panels, and without giving any spoilers away, things pick up really quick.

Hexed follows Luci Jennifer Inagcio Das Neves, or Lucifer for short, and her troubles as an underground thief. However, Lucifer doesn’t steal any old ordinary objects. Oh no. These objects once belonged to some pretty interesting people, protected by some pretty crazy monsters, and the means of getting these objects are pretty out there. I couldn’t believe some of the crazy and creative ways in which the writers decided to have Lucifer travel to certain places to go after very particular objects. For example, I learned there is a whole new world to experience within the bodies of the deceased…

My only problem with the books was the ending. It was a little predictable, which was really ok, but it just ended very abruptly. I really wanted the writers to extend the ending and go into some more detail (I didn’t want to stop reading!). There are also some details left out in the story, but you kind of just glance over them and continue. It actually helps add to the mystery of the story and keeps you reading.

Overall, I think this is definitely worth your time. The story is really out there and creative. The art is fantastic. The monsters and “other worldly” scenes are incredibly vibrant and detailed. Boom Studios did a really good job with this one. Hit the jump to check out a few still from the first comic.

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