Wednesday, September 8, 2010

BCC2010: Gon

Everyone at EGS had a blast at this year's Baltimore Comic Con. A highlight for me was TJ's "WTF?! Bargain Bin Challenge". Each EGS member had to find the craziest book possible. I was most pleased with my contribution to the challenge. Not just because "Gon" is filled with several WTF?! moments but it is hilarious and I walked away becoming a huge fan of this obscure series.

Gon is an incredibly cute and extremely tough dinosaur that  somehow managed to escape the fate of his fellow dinosaurs. The series follows the one foot tall carnosaur as he goes on completely random adventures (usually in search of food) with a variety of paleolithic mammals. Masashi Tanaka's artwork is very detailed, which makes following the story very easy since "Gon" lacks any dialogue or narration.

Gon is so awesome that he is an unlockable character in Tekken 3! Being that it's Gon, the adorable dino uses toxic farts and his ending in the game plays on a continuous loop. Masashi Tanaka would be proud as this is a very fitting tribute to his creation!

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