Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Love David Bowie

So my newest obession on You Tube is watching videos of children crying! Yes, I realize that I'm a heartless bastard but they are hilarious. The child in the following video loves David Bowie. His mother offers to play The Cardigans instead and the kid cries even more. Really mom, The Cardigans or David Bowie?! Someone should report you to child services.



  1. When this kid stops crying... Creepiest. Face. Ever.

  2. Bwhahahaha! I never noticed that till you mentioned it! Expect more videos of children crying.

  3. My sister was all about David Bowie when she was, like, 4 because of Labyrinth but I never remember her losing her shit over him. Well played.

    However, she did get her picture taken with a creepy life-sized cutout of him when she was little.