Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hopesfall, The Satellite Years

During the drive home from Ocean City this weekend, Scott and I decided it would be a good decision to introduce our friend to a band called Hopesfall, using their album The Satellite Years to showcase their talent. Upon listening, I really fell in love with the album all over again, and feel its definitely worth noting.

The Satellite Years really marks the peak of great music coming from Hopesfall. Released in 2002, this album continues to deliver on many levels to this day. At the time, Hopesfall was a hardcore/screamo band who mixed in some great ambient sections and songs into their albums, similar to Japanese screamo/hardcore pioneers, Envy. Their transitions seemed effortless, which helped make The Satellite Years an exceptionally great album from start to finish.

The album kicks off with the instrumental track"Andromeda" which really sets the tone with sounds that border both the screamo and ambient sides of the spectrum. The middle of the CD sports some amazing songs like "Waitress", "Decoys Like Curves", and "The Red Shift", all of which you wont mind getting stuck in your head for the next week. Closing out the tracks with a bang is "The Bending", and Hopesfall really couldn't have ending the album with a more fitting track.

After The Satellite Years, Hopesfall went through quite a few member changes. Their next full length album A Types had more of a straight forward alternative/pop sound to it, marking the end of what made Hopesfall so special in my opinion. However, I still urge to give The Satellite Years a try. It's an album that stands the test of time, and if Hopesfall were to ever tour again, I would go just to hear some of these tracks live. Check out "The Bending" after the jump.

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