Monday, September 20, 2010

X-Force: Sex + Violence

In X-Force: Sex + Violence, Domino is on the run from The Assassins' Guild (not Creed). The guild hired her for a heist against The Hand. Domino stole the money for herself and needless to say The Assassin's Guild is not pleased. Wolverine finds out about her predicament and insists on helping out his teammate.

Watching the chemistry between Domino and Wolverine was a blast! The duo are constantly bantering as the sexual tension between the two mounts. Once it erupts, the gloves along with the rest of their clothes come off. Their relationship is strictly carnal and isn't romantic by any means. As a character whose power is based on luck, Domino has a managed to get into a situation way over her head. Wolverine has no problem of pointing this out to her. At times I didn't know if Wolverine was going to attempt to kill or have sex with Domino. I don't think that Wolverine knew either. I would love to see more adventures starring these two characters.

Let's not forget about the violence. The fights are brutal and push Wolverine's healing powers to the limit. The carnage is beautifully painted by Gabriele Dell' Otto. I was really impressed with his work in Secret War and Dell' Otto doesn't disappoint with Sex and Violence. His use of shadows and lighting enhanced the intensity of the story. Almost every page consists of bullets, blood, and blades and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Wolverine proving that he is the best at what he does! Entendres Abound!
More ninjas please!
Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost know how to write the "X" franchise plain and simple. Whether as part of an  epic such as Messiah Complex or on a smaller scale with X-Force: Sex + Violence, the two have proven that they are among the best "X" writers. It was an additional treat to see criminally underused characters such as Bullet and Clay acting as agents of the Guild. The complaints that I have are minor. While the mini-series is called X-Force: Sex and Violence, the X-Force team is barely involved. It would have been nice if the full team had more of a presence. Also the story is based on a conflict involving The Assassins' Guild and The Hand. That is a conflict that deserves its own mini-series or at the very least further explored here.
X-Force: Sex + Violence is a mini-series that is pure fun! It's an action packed story that never loses momentum over the course of events. Readers shouldn't expect a deep plot, an analysis of what makes the characters tick or an event that will have a major impact on the lives of X-Force. But with a title as blunt as Sex + Violence, it's hard to claim that you are being misled. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

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