Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DLC Gaming Quick Fix: DeathSpank

The Fall gaming season is upon us.  This month we've already seen the release of Dead Rising 2, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, and Halo: Reach; and there's plenty more heavy-hitter titles slated for release up through the holiday season.  

EGS is here to help keep a controller in your hand until that big name title you've had on pre-order for the past 6 months hit stores.

Today, we have the hilarious hack n' slash action rpg, DeathSpank--one of the many downloadable gems from this past summer.

DeathSpank is a heroic hero of the downtrodden who dispenses social justice like most heroes:  with violence.  DeathSpank's power is derived from a magical purple thong he wears (I'm not kidding).  And, it's up DeathSpank to use the power of his mighty undergarment, and a large variety pointy and smashy weaponry, to help free a group of orphans from the evil Lord Von Prong.

DeathSpank plays a lot like your typical dungeon-crawler (think Diablo and, to some extent, X-Men Legends/Marvel Ultimate Alliance).  DeathSpank roams a huge, cartoonishly rounded, open world, where he cleaves, bashes, skewers, burns, freezes, poisons, and electrifies any evil-doers in his path and collects mountains of sweet loot along the way.

Did I mention he collects loot, because he sure does collect a ton of loot.

DeathSpank is one of those rare games that is legitimately funny, which is no surprise considering it was penned by the same brilliant mind responsible for Monkey Island (it's even been described as "Monkey Island meets Diablo").  The writing in this game is phenominal; it's so good that you'll actually want to talk to every NPC just to get more.  Character dialogue will often break the fourth wall and contain satirical quips at many staples of rpg games (read: fetch quests).  All dialogue is voiced wonderfully as well.

DeathSpank takes ridiculousness to new levels with quests that have you battling unicorns in heat, the leprecaun mafia, hostile gingerbread natives, and finding a lone sock for a sentient tree know.  Oh, and all of this is just in one area of the world map.

If you stick to main story, you can plow through DeathSpank in about 9 hours.  However, if you explore and complete the almost 80 additional and hysterical side quests, DeathSpank can last around 20 hours. 

If you enjoy stabbing first and never asking questions, stockpiling comically named loot, absurd and hilarious writing, and have $15 to spare; then DeathSpank is a game for you.

There's even a sequel dropping next week, so you won't even have to wait to continue the thong-related story!

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