Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mirror's Edge OST

I know this isn't new, but I wanted to share because it's new to me and shouldn't be missed. Mirror's Edge came out during the holiday season of 2008 and had mediocre success. It received mixed reviews across the board. I played the demo of it when it was released, and it was ok.

During my Amazon $5 MP3 Album download extravaganza last month, I decided to give the sound track a chance. I listened the the track previews and thought it had potential and decided "What the hell." The album opens up with a great ambient track that I just wanted to keep on repeat. After that, the songs really pick up the pace (as they should for what is essentially a first person parkour game).

With every new song I continued to gain more and more appreciation for this album. It really developed into something beyond a simple game soundtrack in my opinion. I really think anyone who is into the dance/electronic/techno types of music will really like this album. Its mixed and produced incredibly well. Each track has its own personality. The fast songs really make you feel like you want to do whatever it is your are doing quicker (I wouldn't exactly condone using this to help you get to work on time, but the fact is that it probably will -- do not blame your speeding tickets on me). The final song, Still Alive, performed by Lisa Miskovsky, is also really great. It was the song used in most of the commercials for the game. Its a much slower song, but a welcomed change for the album.

So if you are looking for something a little different, give this album a try. Its awesomeness was unexpected, and really glad I gave it a try. I am actually considering buying a copy of this game now to try it out because I loved the soundtrack so much.

Here is a link to the theme song Still Alive. I will embed it when I get a chance later today:

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