Monday, September 13, 2010

Top Of The Mornin' Monday

No other captions necessary. Post replies in the comments! Lets see what we got to work with.

That is all. Happy Monday!


  1. WTF?! I'm at my office at home so I guess it's my HP printer. Maybe I could attach it to a chain or something. Of course my sword and shotgun is on the right side of my desk. FML!

  2. There are many, many objects to my left. A Bag of books, an ethernet cable, an 18" metal ruler, several thumbtacks, a chair... even further left out of my cube is a bookshelf full of glasses and bottles... Sounds like I'd be constructing some kind of Molotov cocktails with thumbtacks and other office supplies as additional burning materials. I suppose it'd be a project, but it'd also be a project for the zombies to get to the 12th floor of this building.

  3. I posted this while I was at home, so in that case it was my bed... at least I will be comfy in the zombie apocalypse.