Monday, July 12, 2010

Dinner and a Movie with The Divine Miss J

I really should invest in stock with Redbox and Netflix! In the past few weeks I've enjoyed more than a few dinner and movie evenings both with the BF and some solo. Dinner and a movie is the cheapest and easiest way to enjoy an night. We are in a recession people, now is the time to get creative!
This recipe is pretty versatile, I used it as a skillet dinner over brown rice, burrito filling, nacho toppers and it was great every time! Open some cans, boil some water, and you have dinner!

1 package of chicken breast or tenders(optional)
1 small can of corn
1 can of black beans
1 can of diced tomatoes
1 can of cream of mushroom soup (optional)
1/2 red pepper chunky chopped
1/2 green pepper chunky chopped
1/2 cup of onion chunky chopped
1 "boil a bag" of brown rice
wheat tortillas
nacho chips

1. Saute the chicken in a sprayed skillet. As the chicken cooks I would add a bit of chicken broth. This keeps the chicken from developing a tough skin and keeps it really moist.

2. In another pan saute the peppers and onions. At the same time boil the bag of rice per directions on the box.

3. Once the peppers are the desired tenderness add in the can of black beans, soup, tomatoes, and corn.

4. Scoop the rice onto the plate in a flat circle, dish a few tablespoons of salsa, pile the prepared mix on top, and sprinkle with cheese if you like.

Now that we have an impressive meal to munch on lets check out some flix!

Nine- Directed by Rob Marshall who also brought us Chicago and is currently working on the fourth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean. Long story short; psychological musical, gorgeous women, and Daniel Day-Lewis. I liked it but I also enjoy new musicals.

Gone With The Wind- Extremely quotable, very over the top. Classic for a reason. If you haven't seen it just because you think it is a love story I would check it out. I avoided it for that reason and there is so much more to this film. I screamed "Holy $hit" multiple times. This movie had a few surprises.

Broken Embraces- The newest Pedro Almodovar film starring his muse Penelope Cruz. Not my favorite Almodovar movie but worth a watch. Warning- this is a foreign film and there are subtitles! Bonus points if you pull this out for a date though.

Taking Woodstock- Dear Mr. Ang Lee, You gave us Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Brokeback Mountain, Sense & Sensibility, The Ice Storm, and Hulk...the forgotten version. Taking Woodstock was better than Hulk. I'll leave it at that.

Now Black Dynamite was the best movie that I've seen recently. It is basically an extremely well done homage/parody of 70's blaxplotation films. This should make you run out and pick up this movie, "Black Dynamite: First Lady, I'm sorry I pimp slapped you into that china cabinet." Now run, run like the wind!
The Divine Miss J

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