Thursday, July 29, 2010


For my second podcast suggestion, I give you IGN Girl Fight. Girl Fight is a podcast all about video games from the prospective of the lovely ladies over at IGN. IGN editors Nicole Tanner, Dana Jongewaard, Kristine Steimer, Jessica Chobot, and Meghan Sullivan are the regulars on the cast. Each installment starts out with each person going over the games they are currently playing, then transitions into topics featuring current gaming trends, as well as issues pertaining to women and gaming. I really love this podcast because the IGN girls keep it very entertaining, even in the midst of some of the heavier topics. We don't often get to hear the honest opinions from the women in gaming, and I am glad they have changed that, and brought it into the foreground. I feel it's a view thats often overlooked, and they really have a lot of great and interesting things to say.

So go check out IGN Girl Fight. Its definitely worth your time, espeically if you are truly interested in games, media, and fun. Head on over to the iTunes store to start downloading. If anyone else knows where you can download IGN Girl Fight, let me know and I will post a link.

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