Monday, July 12, 2010

Music for Your Thumbs #2: "Moon Level Theme" - DuckTales

For those of you who weren't alive during the 80's, DuckTales is a cartoon about the adventures of a group of ducks. The story revolves around Scrooge McDuck, an infinitely wealthy mallard with a Scottish accent, and his three great nephews. Despite McDuck being the richest water fowl to ever live, his insatiable lust for gold and other riches sends him on perilous treasure hunts across the globe. However, in this case, McDuck is looking for treasure on the moon...without a space suit.

The DuckTales game was a surprisingly good NES game. Capcom produced the DuckTales game around the same time as the first few Mega Man games, so both titles shared some key personnel.

The "Moon Level Theme" has gained some popularity recently due to this cover by Brentalfloss, where he gives the song lyrics. Hilarity ensues.

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