Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tier 10 For Your RL Cat and Mouse.

Ever want to dress up your cat and mouse in armor and have them party like its 1399? For $500-2000, me neither (I would also need to acquire a cat and/or mouse...) . But its worth noting the amazing work artist Jeff de Boer has put together. Made from bronze, silver, and wood, these masterpieces of armor are beautifully crafted. The amount of detail in even the small mouse armor is pretty incredible. Definitely worth checking out.

I know somewhere in this animal armor idea is a movie script. Maybe a Tom and Jerry meets 300 live action movie? You know it would at least be better than Garfield...

In the end though, I really just want to see a mouse run around in that armor. You would make my Wednesday, possibly my whole week if you could make this happen.... I would even settle for cardboard armor with laser pointers. Just sayin'.

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