Sunday, July 4, 2010

Press Z to Make Your Wishes Come True!

Is the day dragging at the office? Is there anything you would rather do at your desk besides work? Head over to Adult Swim's website where you can find an assortment of games to pass the time. Here you can find games with mercenary kittens, zombie hookers, and dead bodies floating down the river. But there is one game that stands above the rest. A magical game that shines with it's simplistic game play and design. The game I speak of is Robot Unicorn Attack.

I was extremly impressed with the smoothness of the animation. The art design of the game is very reminiscent of Lisa Frank's art. It utilizes multiple rainbows and a bright pallete of colors. As an added bonus the game features the song "Always" by synth pop duo Erasure. Don't feel embarrassed about singing while playing, it happens to everyone.

The goal of the game is pretty basic, guide the robot unicorn through the course while collecting butterfly fairies and smashing stars. The game starts at a nice slow pace to learn the controls. Knowing when to use the double jump or use the charge mid air to cross gaps in the landscape is a simple skill to learn. But after time the game becomes incredibly hard. You'll franticly push buttons hoping that you don't die. Which you will, because the game doesn't end. It is just a matter of time before you meet your fiery doom.

This comic perfectly summed up my experience playing this game.

Just don't ask about the dolphins. Some mysteries are best left to the imagination.