Thursday, July 22, 2010

This Ain't His First Rodeo.

Josh Scogin has finally released his side project's first album. The album came out on May 7th (so this post is a little late). I remember checking back almost every month for some time to see if there was a date scheduled. Two years later, I had forgotten about it, but extremely excited to find that the album is finally here. The side project is called A Rose, By Any Other Name and the album title is One For My Master And One For My Dame.

This is not Josh Scogin's first rodeo. Prior to this album, he has done a lot in the hardcore scene. Since 2003, he has been, and still is, the lead vocalist, and only original member of The Chariot. Prior to that, he was the vocalist for Norma Jean.

Don't let Scogin's background scare you away from giving A Rose, By Any Other Name a chance. ARBAON's sound is a very traditional, southern, folky sound. Even hints of country and blues are in there.

Scogin is one of my favorite vocalists and songwriters across any genre of music. Take a listen to "I Sing A Lot," the first song released years ago for this album. It still holds up today and I personally can't wait to get my copy so I can hear the rest of the album.

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