Friday, July 9, 2010


The 11th Annual Baltimore Comic-Con is slowly approaching and I couldn't be more excited. I personally enjoy this show because it manages to get "big name" talent but keeps the priority on comics without the glitz and glamour. Yeah, I'm talking to you Wizard World Philly '06! A dj with backup dancers and a fog machine has NO place at a comic convention. One of my favorite things about going to conventions besides finding great deals on back issues is collecting sketches and commissions. Today I decided to share some of my collection. I think you'll notice a theme immediately. Just click on the image for a larger size.  Hope to see you at the convention August 28th and 29th!

Zombie Batman - Arthur Suydam            Batgirl - David Finch                   The Riddler - Mike Wieringo 

Two Face - John Cassaday                  Huntress - Stuart Sayger                      Poison Ivy - Tommy Castillo

Catwoman - Cully Hamner 


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