Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Salt Tavern

I got to enjoy a rare girls night out with some of my ladies from the restaurant. We enjoyed dinner and drinks at Salt Tavern in Brewer's Hill. This place is pretty out of the way and not on many people's radar. That needs to change immediately! I don't know if I can eat dinner anywhere else ever again. First off the food was perfect in every aspect, the location was great which made parking was a breeze, and the decor was clean and minimalist. The website reflects the interior which is also a very nice touch.

Attention Epic Gentleman
This is a great 3rd date place!
I started with an Aqua Frece cocktail which was a watermelon flavored drink. It wasn't as light and refreshing as I was anticipating. It was a tad too syrupy for me. I moved on to Riesling and they offered Bex by the glass, a personal favorite.

We split the Toro Tuna Tar tare for an appetizer. I could have eaten that for my meal. It was so delicious and paired with Asian Pear cubes. The contrasting textures became addicting. The server also brought out a basket of bread that came with a sun-dried tomato spread. This spread was unbelievable! You have to make an effort to stop eating so you won't get filled on bread.

For our entrees we tried to strategically order so we could all share but with two steak lovers this became difficult...maybe next time. So two of us ordered the Lightly Smoked Grass-Fed Fillet Mignon. It is served with a pancetta and gorgonzola gratin(holy cow!), green beans (about, and a red wine sauce. I always order my steaks rare and am pretty used to them being overcooked. Salt can cook a steak!! It was rare but seared nicely on the outside and warm and velvety on the inside. That is what a $30 steak has to taste like! I'm literally having a memory foodgasm as I write this. The only other entree we got was the Coriander and Pepper Encrusted Tuna which came with seaweed salad and spicy tuna pot stickers. You won't believe this but gourmet places tend to "poo poo" fried foods perhaps because they are too common. Salt can fry food perfectly also. There was not one thing that I tried that I didn't want more of.

I kept hearing about the legendary Goat cheese Donuts served with Coffee infused Ice Cream. Of course we ordered that and the slice of cake and shot of milkshake which has alternating flavors daily. The flavors that day were a dense chocolate cake with a marshmallow icing that was actually toasted (every chef loves to use the blow torch!) and the milkshake was strawberry. The concept of that dish was cute but the milkshake sucked compared to all of the awesome stuff we had just eaten. The cake was incredibly moist and if I had to venture a guess I would say it was made with mayo or sour cream. That sort of denseness and moistness in a cake is difficult to achieve without using one of those ingredients. The Goat cheese Donuts were as I expected absolutely to die for. Who doesn't want a fried dessert with ice cream?!

Basically Salt was the best meal and dining experience that I've had in a long time. I am a professional restaurant patron. It is more than just a meal for me. It was exciting to know that a restaurant could still impress me so much in every important category. The prices are on the high side so not many people in my tax bracket are regular patrons. Please believe that future birthdays, holidays, promotions, awesome parallel parking jobs will all be celebrated at Salt!

Salt Tavern
2127 E. Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD 21231

The Divine Miss J

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