Friday, July 23, 2010

The World Needs More Rocket Raccoon!

What galactic threat could exist, that only a gun toting raccoon and a walking tree could stop? We'll find out in January 2011 as writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning bring us the limited series "Rocket Raccoon and Groot".

The writers were tight lipped when it came to details. As of now we don't know when the story takes place, if other cosmic heroes will appear, or who will be handling the art chores .

Lanning did confirm that, "It is going to be funny, [as] any series spotlighting this pair is bound to be, but it's not going to be the knockabout silliness you might expect. This is a serious cosmic action thriller with serious cosmic action thrills and serious gags. And a talking raccoon and a walking tree." The title characters will have to rely on their backgrounds to make it out of this alive.

Let me reinterate, the story stars a GUN TOTING RACOON AND TALKING TREE IN SPACE! If that isn't enough to sell you on this series, here is the cover to the first issue by comic book legend Mike Mignolia.


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