Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yellow Dog Tavern

I consider myself to be very lucky that I live less than a block away from a brunch spot. I've now enjoyed Yellow Dog Tavern on two different occasions, both of which were for brunch. They have a dinner menu and typical pub grub available as well.

The first time after reading the other comments on Yelp.com (there is no Yellow Dog website...gasp!) I decided that I needed to try the Crab Benedict, Home Fries, and a Mimosa. Like every other patron I enjoyed the outdoor seating and read while I waited for my meal. The Benedict was delicious and very reasonable priced at under $12.00! The home fries are more like roasted seasoned potatoes which were also very filling and delightful with a touch of hot sauce and ketchup. The Mimosa was only $3.00 and not watered down at all. Nice touch, Yellow Dog.

This weekend some of the EGS decided to grab some brunch before we headed out to Artscape. Dennis has not eaten there very often in the years that he has been living at our house. This surprised me because as soon as I moved in and found out that they had brunch a visit to Yellow Dog Tavern hit the top of my to-do list. We enjoyed a pitcher of Mimosa ($11) which was more than enough for the three of us. Dennis got the Traditional Benedict with fresh fruit, he seemed to like it. I was craving a Smoked Salmon Benedict but that wasn't on the menu. I decided to go with the Smoked Salmon Omelet but when it came time to order I said Benedict by accident and the server just went with it. She said she would talk to the cook, she is sure they could make one for me. Well they did and I loved everything about it! This is not something that I could indulge in all of the time but man oh man was this good! Matt tried the Breakfast Burrito which had scrambled eggs, bacon, and black beans. The burrito had fresh salsa and pico de gallo on the side and was served with fresh fruit. Matt just kind of picked at the burrito. He will even admit that he isn't much of a breakfast person but he thought the eggs were kind of dry. I boxed it and up and ate it the next day for breakfast. Whoa...he was spot on, those eggs were terrible dry and the salsa and sour cream did little but mask the flavor. You could have picked it up and ate it. No knife and fork needed. Nobody wants eggs like that though. So I would stick to the Benedict and perhaps try an omelet next time.

If you are in the Canton area and would like to enjoy a few drinks over breakfast without waiting then I would suggest Yellow Dog. If you don't mind waiting or want the breakfast to be the highlight of your morning then I would head elsewhere.

Yellow Dog Tavern
700 Potomac Street
Baltimore, MD 21224
(410) 342-0280
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